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Want to Stop Eating Junk Food? Don’t Buy It.


Don’t want to gamble? Don’t go to the casino.

It seems very obvious but then common sense is not as common as you would think.

Do you find yourself eating more junk food than you’d like? If so, you’re not alone. Many people these days are trying to live healthier lives, but still find themselves struggling to eat less junk food. Despite people’s best efforts, most still end up feeling guilty when they suffer a momentary lapse in willpower and find themselves face to face with the bottom of a Dorito’s Bag or a packet of Tim Tam’s

It can be hard not to eat junk food if you’ve always got some close at hand. Because of this, the easiest way to stop eating junk food is not to buy it in the first place. If you can resist the urge to go down the junk food aisle at the supermarket, then you won’t have to struggle at home every time you start to feel hungry. After all, you obviously won’t be eating junk food, if there isn’t any around to eat.

Though it can be difficult not to take a run down the junk food aisle while at the store, remember your time spent shopping is limited. Because you’ll only be there for a short period of time, it is actually much easier to resist your junk food urges in the store, then it is to fight temptation every time hunger strikes at home.

So, if you’ve been trying to quit eating junk food, but haven’t yet succeeded, it’s time to re-evaluate your methods. Instead of trying to fight the urge to snack at home with your favourite junk foods always within reach, be proactive by taking junk food out of the equation. If you can stop yourself from buying junk food at the store, then you’ll be able to finally stop eating it at home once and for all.

Here’s a great list of foods to keep at home instead of junk food.


Tinned tuna and other tinned fish
Haloumi cheese (choose organic varieties where possible; store left-over chunks in a container filled with water)
Activated nuts and seeds (stored in the freezer for extra crunch)
Macadamia and almond pastes.
Chia seeds
Eggs. Always free-range and organic.
Coconut flakes
Mayonnaise (whole egg only) Soy/Tamari
Coconut water
Cacoa nibs
Raw cacao powder
Sugar free carob buds
Goat’s cheese
Chicken/turkey, shaved, from the supermarket deli
Cinnamon, whole nibs and as a powder

Teas and drinks and smoothie staples: Yogi Tea (Sweet Chili) teabags
Miessence Berry Radical antioxidant powder
Soda water
Maharishi Ayurvedic vata tea Green tea
Licorice root tea
Roasted dandelion root tea Chai tea


Kiwi fruit, blueberries and raspberries are the best options. Mandarins, plums, strawberries and oranges are good, too.


Chia Flaxseed
Organic butter