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The Gentleman’s Guide to a Daily Ritual


handsome-francis-baconIt may be difficult to admit, but you’ve probably picked up bad habits since you were younger that have greatly contributed to how you live your life. If you tend to sleep at ungodly hours and wake up in the afternoon, then you’ll get only a few things done during the day before the cycle continues. If you always put off work that should be done immediately, then you’ll always procrastinate and find it difficult to meet deadlines. If you’ve developed a lifestyle that includes partying too hard and drinking too much, then you’ll always wake up with a hangover and be incapable of handling jobs that require discipline and focus.

A good daily ritual sets the tone for the day and ensures productivity. Even some of the best minds falter sometimes and get shrouded by self-doubt, but sticking to a daily routine influences how one produces work, and results in a satisfying outcome.

Popular Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami, for example, has picked up a habit of running everyday to help clear his mind, boost his brain power, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Beloved painter Francis Bacon, a “creature of habit,” stuck to his daily ritual that included waking up early to paint, drinking wine and socializing with friends from noon until nighttime, and taking his pills and reading cookbooks to help him sleep. Despite his unorthodox routine, Bacon churned out excellent pieces consistently.

Everybody’s favorite composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven also developed an everyday routine that helped with some of his best work. This ritual began with counting 60 coffee beans before making his morning cup. He then sat down to work until the afternoon, and took occasional walks to clear his head. His dinner was always kept simple with just a bowl of soup and a glass of wine, followed by beer and a smoke. He’d work for a bit after supper, before finally going to bed at ten in the evening.

Famous poet W.H. Auden, on the other hand, was a big believer in military precision, which manifested itself in his strict self-discipline and perfectly timed routine. He always woke up at six in the morning to prepare his coffee and sit down to work immediately. He worked furiously and constantly checked his watch to ensure that everything’s in check, otherwise his day would be spoiled.

Oliver Sacks, a physician and best-selling author, always has to begin his day by swimming, while behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner followed a meticulous work ritual that included setting a timer and producing a graph of hours worked and words produced.

A man’s daily ritual says a lot about how he lives his life. An excellent everyday ritual creates structure and keeps you grounded. If you’re not careful with your routine, you may end up with bad habits that you can’t shake, which can hinder you from achieving success and living your life to the fullest.

Discipline is key in maintaining an excellent daily ritual. A routine only works if you have specific goals that you’ve firmly set in place.

Daily rituals vary for every man as everyone thrives in different environments. But one thing that we know for sure is that Handsome is a welcome addition to any man’s everyday routine. Start your day right with a streamlined ritual that includes a stellar range of Handsome products, which uphold the values of intelligence, kindness, honesty, simplicity, class, and style.