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Perfect Gifts For Beauty Lovers


As the holidays and birthdays start to approach, we often find ourselves with the same dilemma: how to surprise our favourite man with the best gift? The time when David Beckham caused a stir with his metrosexual beauty practice has long passed, and quite a few men have adopted their own beauty routines, since then.

Here are some of the best gifts you can present to the man in your life if he’s a veritable lover of all things health-and-beauty related.

Good hair day

While a good deal of men wear their hair fairly short, this doesn’t mean they cannot experience a bad hair day. Male coiffures are on the rise, and they require strong, clean and dandruff-free hair. Even man buns, that seem like they require no special grooming, are tough to pull off when hair is not thoroughly cleaned and conditioned.

Make it possible for your guy to have an invigorated, luscious hair and get them a handy mint-scented 2 in 1 shampoo. This will definitely appeal to all highly practical men.

Technology and looks

YouTube is positively swarmed with reviews of the Clarisonic facial care device. They must be onto something, as we have heard about many a case of a man borrowing his wife’s beauty gadget. Despite its steep price, the numerous benefits seem to make it all worth it.

Acquiring one of these would decidedly wow your skincare-savvy male friends or partners. Some of the acclaimed benefits of this device include superior cleansing power, anti-wrinkle massage and boosted absorption of skincare products.

Sleek and smooth

One of the key aspects that allow men to achieve a sleek and smooth look is undoubtedly a clean shaven face, without any facial hair poking out. The next best thing after a close shave at the Turkish barbershop (renowned for their work) is having a multi-blade razor and a quality soothing shave gel.

The ingredients to look out for are aloe vera and witch hazel, both of which are present in women’s calming balms for the post bikini-area-shave treatment. When other facial hair is concerned, a solid trimmer for nose and ears is an excellent option. Make a grooming set out of these items for a perfect beauty-conscious gift.

Hydration above all

It’s good to know and acknowledge that guys tend to have a more rugged skin, and this is noticeable in their skin’s thickness, collagen density and texture. This, however, doesn’t mean that male skin cannot be sensitive or in need of proper and regular hydration.

This is why the importance of an excellent facial moisturiser cannot be overstated. Gift your favourite man with a nourishing hemp seed, avocado (healthy oils!) and vitamin E packed moisturiser with a faint scent of sandalwood or some other men’s favourites.

Personal stamp

Can you think of a single x factor that makes both men and women stand out? If you said perfume, we’re on the same track! Go through your darling’s beauty products and try to get an idea of what may be suitable for him. If you’re out of ideas, a fresh fragrance with a hint of of woody and aromatic notes is a sure shot.

Ticket to the beauty land

If you really want to impress a man in your life but you simply cannot decide on a single gift, a voucher for the spa may just be the ideal solution. The boys deserve to be pampered as well, and what better way to make this happen than with an all-day wellness experience. From salt rooms, to pedicure and manicure (why not?) to massage room and sauna, your guy will long remember this gift.

Beauty sleep

All of these products would be futile if your man doesn’t get a good night’s sleep. Move over, ladies, because guys need their beauty sleep as well. Humidity is one of the living space problems that dries out our skin considerably and makes our breathing difficult. A smart gift, like a air humidifier can optimise the house air humidity levels by 60% and allow your guy to sleep like a baby.

We have covered a wide range of essential beauty products for men. Now it’s your to turn pick a present that appeals to your man.

Story by Peter Minkoff – Twitter @MinkoffPeter