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It seems we get a new beginning every year. Often we find ourselves looking back at the year just passed, unsatisfied with what we’ve achieved. Thinking, ‘man, that year flew by!’. Then, like clockwork, create expectations for the year to come, announce to ourselves (and our close friends), ‘this’ll be the best year yet!’, only to set ourselves up to fail. But what if we were to mix things up this new year with a different approach?

How to recharge and find happiness in the new year with HANDSOME’s fool-proof guide. And if some things aren’t for you, give them a try for at least a month before you swear off them forever. As they say, you are in charge of your own happiness.

1. Learn to organise yourself

First things first, find a system that works for you to organise your weeks, months, and year. This could be a weekly planner, a book you carry around with you, or a digital calendar that links with computer and phone. A planner will allow you to arrange your life of meetings, appointments, catching up with friends, and ideas that come to you at the most inconvenient of times. This new-found organisation will free up more time for yourself, and for others.

2. Write down your long term goals

Now take a moment to consider what you need to do, throughout the year, to achieve these goals. Some may be monthly milestones, others might be ensuring you save 10% of your monthly wage. Whatever it is, it will be easier to achieve your long-term goals if you take some time to think about them, and your progress, every month.

3. Consider the short term

Give your life three elements to focus on every single day. This could be as simple as – mind, body, spirit. Now give yourself some simple tasks that exercise those elements of your life. And it’s totally okay if certain tasks overlap with the elements.
Here’s an example –
Mind: read, write, watch, create.
Body: go to the gym, ride to work, start the morning with yoga, get to bed early.
Spirit: meditate, yoga, read, spend quality time (no electronics) with someone you love.
Remember to make an effort to do one of your tasks per element every day.

4. Detoxify your life clutter

It may be summer, but the new year is the perfect time for a spring clean. Get rid of the clothes you never wear, socks with holes in them, towels that have seen better days, knick-knacks collecting dust that have no sentimental purpose. Clean your pantry, fridge and bathroom cabinet. Get rid of it all! You’ll feel much better once you’re clutter free, and hell, you’ve been looking for an excuse to update your wardrobe anyway!

5. Think about what you put in our body

You get what you put in. Start eating less sugar, less processed meats, and more fruit, veggies and homemade food. Buy a cookbook – a great starter would be Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals – invite friends and family over, and start cooking for people. Enjoy the process – put on some music, have a glass of wine, and learn something new.

6. Think positive thoughts

Detox your mind of negative thoughts. This will eventually, train your brain to focus on the positive, and will ultimately make you a happier person. Completely retaining your brain to think differently can take a while, just remember to always rebut every negative thought with a positive one, and eventually your brain will catch up.

Now the best thing to get started is to bookmark this list, print it out and stick it on the fridge, or write the 6 tips into your new planner (eyy!). And just get started!