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Calm in the City


Calm – a word that can stand alone, but can readily be the hardest thing to get, especially in the city. So how can you bring calm into a hectic big life urban atmosphere? First, ditch whatever you may think you saw on those city TV shows, remember they are only TV shows and as talented as the actors are, they are not real! Trust me virtually no one goes home to relax alone with wine and a movie. In the real world, by the time we all sit down for with that glass, we are interrupted, or looking for someone to watch the movie with; even more likely we take a sip and end up asleep on the couch only to wake up with a sore neck in the morning.

So what can you do to relax living in the city?

Drive – Drive far, drive fast, drive slow

It doesn’t matter how you drive just go in a direction and keep going until you find a place to stop and a landscape that amazes you. There are so many things that we tend to take for granted are not that far away from the city.

Bonus: Wait until dark to come home. Seeing the beautiful glowing lights of your city will make you appreciate coming back home.

Plant – Grow within yourself

Take a space and make it yours whether it is the roof of the building or the basement floor. Get a little dirt, some light and your choice of seeds and watch something grow! Just the connection to nature in watching something you nurtured pop out of the soil green and full of life is an amazing way to get back to your own roots.

Bonus: Plant something edible that way you get even more out of your efforts. You will be amazed how much better it tastes when you grew it yourself.

Play – Find your inner peace through play

Play with children, take your kids, your nieces or nephews outside and play a game they made up. It is amazing what kids can come up with in unstructured time to be free. Interacting reminds us that we are also this free we just have to remember to be!

Play an instrument, a song you know by heart or a song you made up. If you don’t usually play an instrument, download a keyboard app just play some notes. Just be willing to let it all go and have fun.

Bonus: Record your music and play it back when you are feeling down.

Create – Make something from your mind

It can be something brand new or something you want to refurbish, but make something yours and only yours. If you don’t consider yourself artistic, consider just adding to a picture frame or embellishing a chair or table. You’d be surprised at what you can do and how much you will cherish what you’ve created.

Bonus: Make your creation a gift for someone special not only will you find your calm you will get to share it with someone special too!

Better yet, find your own calm. Everyone has their own version of peace and tranquility. While there are a million more suggestions, only you know your true calm. Find your nature, your truest nature that inspires and rejuvenates you. Odds are it’s not watching someone else’s melancholy life on a television, so next time you are stuck get off TV box, close the smart phone app and decide for yourself to make own definition. Make calm your own true word that can stand alone and add true meaning to what you want to get out of life.