Tim’s quest to make the dads of the world more Handsome

Traditionally, Aussie men haven’t had the best track record when it comes to taking care of themselves. They pour so much energy into their families, friends and their footy team that there’s little time left over for themselves , and  that current buzzword: self-care.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a footy-worshipping town with a strong blue-collar ethos, where being a ‘real man’ didn’t include applying moisturiser, but I like that we’ve  

So, in my quest to make the world a little more handsome, I reckon it’s time for many dads to shake off the stigma that skincare is just for women. (By the way, I happen to know that a few of you sneak some of your partners  product when they’re not looking… but they know, oh yes, they know.)

Let’s face it…. Most dads are unlikely to make that first step towards the skincare department without a bit of encouragement, so without shaming the dads in our lives, maybe we could just give them a gentle nudge this Father’s Day, with some great looking skincare products designed specifically for men.


  1. Gift him a box full of handsome

The easiest way to make dad extra handsome this Father’s Day is to present him with a Handsome Grooming Pack ($54.95). This super-stylish box contains three of Handsome’s best-selling products, the Facial Wash, Facial Moisturiser and Shave Gel.

 2. Update that fragrance

If your old man is still walking around in a cloud of Brut or Old Spice, then it’s time to update his fragrance, stat. Handsome’s #1 Fragrance ($49.95) strikes the right balance between manly and refreshing, for a contemporary scent that’ll take him from the office to weekend barbecues.

  1. Help dad hold onto his hair

While your father may blame you for his dwindling locks, there’s a simple way you can help him maintain his mane: Handsome’s 2 in 1 Shampoo ($17.95). Specially formulated for men’s hair, it contains organic peppermint and nettle, both shown to reduce hair loss by improving circulation to the scalp. Don’t want to broach the old hair-loss issue? Just tell him the 2-in1 formula means he only needs one product in the shower. That ought to do the trick.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.