The handsome man’s guide to detoxing

Don’t let the ‘D word’ put you off – detox, that is. At Handsome, we’re all about enjoying life’s great pleasures, so we’re not about to push some cabbage soup nonsense or hardcore juice cleanse onto you. In 2018, detoxing is all about reducing the excess in your life, whether that’s processed foods, too much booze or an addiction to your screen. Read on to discover the handsome man’s guide to detoxing.

Eat clean

Following the month of feasting that is December, we could all do with a gentle cleanse. A good place to start is by reducing the amount of meat, dairy, sugar and processed foods in your diet. If you can’t fathom a life without burgers and pizza, fear not: there are plenty of incredible plant-based versions available these days, such as the juicy vegan burgers at The Alley in Melbourne and the vegan pizzas at Gigi’s Pizzeria in Sydney.

Sip smart

December can feel like one endless Sunday session, so come January our livers are letting out a little cry for help. Puffy eyes, dark circles and red blotchy skin are all signs that we’ve partied too hard. If alcohol has become a daily habit for you over the summer holidays, consider going cold turkey for Febfast, or commit to at least two alcohol-free days a week. Thankfully, your liver is a resilient, forgiving organ and – given some time off for good behaviour – it will bounce back in no time.   


Treat yo’ self

While you’re cleansing your diet, don’t forget to take care of your body’s largest organ: your skin. If you’re guilty of applying any old moisturiser to your face – or worse, nothing at all – now’s the time to start treating yourself like a handsome man. And just as you wouldn’t use your wife’s razor or your face, nor should you steal her skincare products. Choose products that have been specially crafted for men, containing natural and organic ingredients, like Handsome’s great-smelling range of facial moisturiser, body wash and shave gel

Switch off

The Sixties had LSD and the Eighties had cocaine, but today our greatest addiction is to our digital devices. While the year is still young, set yourself up with some tech boundaries, such as no phones during mealtimes, removing your work email from your phone on weekends and holidays, and switching on the Do Not Disturb overnight. Just because we can be reached 24 hours a day, doesn’t mean we should be.