The Handsome guide to looking hot when it’s cold outside

It’s time to bust out the scarves, boots and bottles of full-bodied red wine. Winter is coming, whether we like it or not. But there’s no need to hibernate, handsome, with six these easy steps to staying sexy in winter.

Stay hydrated

You might think summer is the season when you run the risk of dehydration, but the lower temperatures and humidity levels of winter – combined with central heating – have a drying effect on your skin. Cold air has less moisture than warm air, causing skin to become dry and chapped. So, be sure to keep your fluid intake up… and if you don’t feel like chugging back litres of cold water in the cool weather, try adding herbal teas or hot lemon water into the mix.

But don’t get too wet, too often

In the middle of winter, there’s nothing more tempting than a long, hot shower at the end of the day, but that heat and steam strip your skin of much-needed moisture. Stick to one shower a day, keep it lukewarm rather than scorching, use a moisturising body wash, and try to be in and out in five minutes.

Double down on the moisturiser

You should be moisturising year-round, handsome man, and doubly so during winter. Apply a nourishing facial moisturiser morning and night to keep you looking fresh when the mercury drops.

Go alcohol-free

A winter without red wine and whisky isn’t worth living, so steady on, handsome: we’re not advising you to ditch the booze. Instead, choose a facial wash that’s alcohol-free to ensure it doesn’t exacerbate any winter dryness. Look for a formula that’s designed to provide a protective barrier for your skin. Key ingredients to keep an eye out for include hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.


Your skin is particularly prone to dryness and flaking during winter, so shed that dead skin with a twice-weekly exfoliation. Don’t forget, our clean-shaven brethren, that the act of shaving is itself a form of exfoliation, so avoid those patches of shaved skin when applying a scrub.

Pucker up

And while you’re at it, there’s nothing sexy about chapped lips, gents, so keep your pout in prime condition with a conditioning lip balm.