The five biggest grooming mistakes men make

Don’t be a Dirty Harry or a Damaged Dave: avoid these grooming mistakes for a look that’s more handsome than hangdog.

Being dirty in the bedroom… no, not that way

Just like there are people who use top sheets and those who don’t, people generally fall firmly into one of two camps when it comes to showering: those who are happy with a once-a-day wash, and others who couldn’t sleep without an end-of-day scrub. Fellas, if you are only showering in the morning, can we suggest you at least give your face a good detail before you hit the hay? All that grime you’ve accumulated throughout the day is going to get nice and comfortable in your pores overnight, leading to breakouts, irritation, and premature ageing. Our men’s facial wash will do the job. Plus, we’ve pumped it with natural anti-ageing ingredients, so you can undo some damage while you’re dreaming. 

Skipping sun protection

Whether you’re a tradie working in the great outdoors, a C-suite professional taking a lunchtime run, or a bar tender emerging into the light for the first time in years, the Aussie sun is punishing. Make sunscreen part of your daily routine to avoid lines, spots and worse – and don’t forget to apply to those tattoos, too. Nothing fades your ink faster than sun exposure.

Letting your facial hair run riot

For starters, we’re stoked that beards and moustaches are here to stay – but while you may be able to skimp on your daily shave once you’ve embraced the bushel, you’re not out of the grooming woods entirely, my hirsute friend. To keep your facial hair 9-to-5 appropriate, take care to shave around the cheeks and jawline every couple of days. We’re not saying you have to go with the laser-sharp precision of Drake or Lewis Hamilton, but nor should you be going full mountain man. Make sure you have the right tools for the job, including a soothing shave gel to avoid irritation. 

Washing your hair too little… or too much

When it comes to washing your hair, it’s a fine line, friends. Too often, and you’re left with a fluffy mess that’s impossible to style… too infrequently and well, it’s just plain dirty. How often you wash your hair is going to come down to your personal oil production schedule, and how vigorous your day is. Most barbers agree that for most blokes, every second or third day is more than enough, but if you’re sweating it out at work or the gym you may need to up the ante. To avoid the dreaded post-shampoo frizz, look for a 2 in1 Shampoo that conditions as it cleanses.

Forgetting your hands and feet

Women. Notice. Everything. Especially bodily appendages. So before you hand her a drink or kick of your shoes in the living room, make sure all your digits are up to scratch. That means washing your hands with a moisturising hand wash, washing your feet with a great-smelling body wash in the shower, and keeping those nails trimmed, filed and clean.