Make 2018 your most handsome year yet

Hit the gym

Start 2018 as you intend to go on – by keeping your body in top form. Whether you commit to a months-long challenge, such as F45, or go the lone wolf with solo sessions at the gym, by getting into a fitness routine now you’ll reap the rewards for the rest of the year.


Eat well

There’s no point putting in hours at the bench press if you’re putting trash into your body. Choose a diet that’s high in protein, fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates, and keep those cheat-day burgers to a minimum.


Stay hydrated

Two litres of water a day should be your base level, but if plain old H2O doesn’t float your boat, try adding natural flavourings in the form of fresh fruit and herbs. A handful of blueberries and a few sprigs of mint will give a sugar-free flavour hit to that drab bottle of water. 


But cut back on the booze

While you’re working hard to increase your liquid intake, it should go without saying that beer doesn’t count. In fact, alcohol will have the opposite effect, dehydrating you and causing bloating. We’re not saying ditch the drink altogether, but a handsome man chooses quality over quantity, perhaps a fine single malt or a glass of Burgundy, instead of that case of Bundy cans.   


Get a sharp cut

If your grooming routine is still in holiday mode, it’s time to hit refresh for 2018. Arm yourself with our trusty hairstyle guide, then get thee to the nearest barber for a sharp cut that accentuates your features.

Focus on your face

The same goes for facial hair, our hirsute friend. Not all men could – or should – pull off a lumberjack beard and a man bun, so consider first your face shape, then your occupation, when choosing the most flattering form of facial hair.


Choose smart summer threads

Keep the thongs and swim shorts at your holiday home. Regardless of the weather, your beach wardrobe shouldn’t stray beyond Brighton or Bondi. Instead, don leather or suede loafers and crisp linen threads for a summer style that’s bang on trend.  


Invest in a quality timepiece

Just as women size up each other’s engagement rings (trust us, they do), gents keep an eye out for expensive wrist ware. Invest in a quality watch for an unspoken invitation to an exclusive club.


Quit stealing your partner’s products

You may think you’ve been getting away with stealing the odd dollop of your partner’s face cream, but they’ve noticed the levels getting depleted. Now’s the time to stock up on skincare products designed specifically for men, such as the great-smelling, natural products from Handsome


Join the Handsome Men’s Club

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