How to get noticed for all the right reasons

Whether you’re prepping for a job interview or a getting ready for a date, a handsome man knows the importance of impeccable presentation from top to toe. From choosing the right hair style to embracing a signature scent, these tips will ensure you turn heads for all the right reasons.

A cut above

Let’s take it from the top – the top of your head, that is. You can tell a lot about a man by his hairstyle. Are you a rinse-and-go bloke with short back and sides, or have you spent half an hour perfecting that glossy pompadour? A handsome man takes the time to consider the shape of his face when cultivating a hairstyle, selecting a cut that enhances his strongest features. But all that is for naught if your locks are looking lacklustre. The solution? Try a 2-in-1 Shampoo that conditions as it cleanses, for shiny, healthy hair in next to no time.

About face

These days, your haircare routine should extend beyond the follicles on the top of your head – the way you tame your facial hair is just as important. And just as there’s a hairstyle to suit every face shape, there’s a beard, mo or clean-shaven look with your name written all over it. Once you’ve found the right facial hair for you, style your look with a quality Shave Gel that soothes and softens for a close, clean shave. And if you’ve been secretly stealing your partner’s beauty products, now’s the time to invest in your own Facial Moisturiser and a Facial Wash with anti-ageing properties for healthy, glowing skin.

Polish from top to bottom

Every handsome man knows there are certain no-nos when it comes to sartorial styling. Say goodbye to thongs with jeans, singlets anywhere outside the gym, and discoloured white shirts that have seen better days. Novelty ties belong back in the 90s, but if you do want to show your playful side, slip on a pair of patterned socks for a peek-a-boo pop of colour. And while you’re down there, make sure those shoes shine bright like a diamond.

Head-turning scent

Lastly, before you head out the door, add a spritz of a manly scent. Handsome’s #1 Fragrance is a bewitching blend of fresh, woody aromas that is guaranteed to turn heads. Spray it in the air, and walk through the mist like you mean it. But don’t just take our word for it. Handsome man Andy rated our #1 Fragrance five stars, saying, “Get noticed for all the right reasons. It’s the perfect summer fragrance, I can’t believe how good it smells. It’s light, subtle and refreshing.”

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