What do cooking, gardening and going to the bathroom all have in common? Unless you’re particularly dextrous with other appendages, these activities require the use of your hands – and they’re liable to get a little dirty in the process.


While you might be used to scrubbing your mitts with any old bar of soap, those who come in contact with your hands will appreciate it if you graduate to a wash that hydrates as it cleanses.


For smooth, supple hands that are sure to impress, Handsome Men’s Skincare Hand Wash is just the ticket. Packed with fragrant cedarwood, orange peel and white cypress, this invigorating blend is made from natural and organic ingredients, and like all products in the Handsome range, it’s free of nasty chemicals.


Simply apply a squirt to your hands, moisten with water, then lather up and let the suds take care of the rest.

In fact, Handsome Hand Wash is so good it should come with a warning… It seems Handsome customer Mario may be on the edge of developing OCD since he started using it, saying:

“I’m obsessed with the hand wash. I wash my hands like a million times a day now.”

Easy there Mario, easy.

We can’t blame Mario for falling hard, though. With its sleek black packaging and delicious scent, Handsome Hand Wash is the perfect addition to your bathroom basin and kitchen sink. And we all know that handsome extends beyond the home, so if you’re a boss stock your workplace bathrooms with Handsome Hand Wash to show you mean business.

But there’s more to handsome hands than simply keeping them clean. Follow these simple steps for hands that are ready to shake, rattle and roll.


  1. Moisturise daily – a dab of Handsome Facial Moisturiser will do the trick.
  2. Keep your nails clean and trimmed – dirty, ragged nails are an instant turn-off.
  3. Soften and trim your cuticles – use Vaseline or pawpaw cream to keep the nail beds soft, then trim any hangnails using clippers.
  4. Remove calluses – if you’re a handy man, chances are you get the odd callus or two. Keep them in check with a pumice stone and callus gel.
  5. Don’t bite your nails – what are you, five years old?

To give you a helping hand this week, order online today plus shop the full range of Handsome Men’s Skincare online, or find products at Priceline stores nationally.