How to choose the most handsome haircut for your face shape

Whether you’re rocking a strong jawline or are long and lean, we’ve rounded up the most handsome haircuts to suit your face shape.


Square face shape

High cheekbones and a wide jaw give you a powerful presence, but to avoid looking too boxy, aim for a little extra height on top – by styling upwards with a side part or modern quiff, you’ll add the impression of length. If you want to run with long locks, then keep them brushed back off your forehead or embrace the man bun to elongate your features.


Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Orlando Bloom


Oblong face shape

If your face is straight-edged and longer than it is wide, then you’re working with an oblong, my friend. Your strong cheekbones, jawline and chin are your sharpest assets, and you’re one of the lucky few who suit most hairstyles – go for a classic short back and sides for a timeless look. A word of warning, though: avoid a long beard or layers of hair that land below the chin, as these can steer you into Mr Ed territory.  

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Pierce Brosnan


Oval face shape

Genetically blessed ovals can also get away with most hairstyles, but they look particularly dapper with a brush-backed look or height from a mod pompadour or quiff. Experiment with the length of the sides, from a mid or tapered fade to an edgy undercut.

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Ryan Gosling


Round face shape

Those boyish good looks can take years off your age, but you may find yourself craving a bit of definition at times. To add the appearance of length, opt for a side part with texture on top. And make facial hair your best friend, whether it’s tailored stubble or a mountain-man-style beard.

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Leonardo DiCaprio


Inverted triangle face shape

When your jaw is wider than your temples, you’re sporting the masculine dimensions of an inverted triangle. To ensure you don’t take on the proportions of Roger Ramjet, add as much volume as you can to the top of your head. Textured curls, quiffs or contemporary pompadours will all balance out that sturdy jaw of yours.

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Dr Chris Brown (the vet, not the rapper)


Diamond face shape

Just like a multi-faceted diamond, your sharp angles are your best feature. You can get away with longer lengths thanks to your striking bone structure, or balance the length of your forehead with a messy fringe, faux-hawk or deep side part – just avoid the current trend for fading by keeping a bit of length on the sides.

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Brad Pitt

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