Handsome men at work: the tradie’s grooming guide

If you spend your working hours in the great outdoors, your grooming needs are going to be worlds apart from some bloke who’s stuck inside behind a desk all day. And while your body may benefit from all that hard graft, chances are your face may cop a bit of a beating. To help protect your face from premature ageing and to scrub up after a hard day on the tools, our tradie’s grooming guide will keep you in top form.

Grime-slaying hand wash

Grease, oil, dirt, paint or plaster – whatever your poison, your hands bear the brunt of manual labour. Give your paws some much-needed love at the end of the day with a grime-slaying hand wash that makes dirty mitts clean, soft and handsome. And be sure to use a nail brush to remove any excess grit. 

BO-busting body wash

There’s nothing like slinging bricks in the sun to work up a sweat. You, handsome man, won’t be smelling daisy-fresh come knock-off, so get thee to the nearest shower for a serious scrub session. Choose a BO-busting body wash packed with natural ingredients that smell great and slice through the day’s grime.

Filth-removing facial wash

When it comes to washing yourself after a day on the tools, one size does not fit all in the soap department, handsome. Choose a facial wash that cuts through excess oils and grime, unclogs pores, and helps the skin breathe better. Bonus points for throwing in some anti-ageing ingredients.

Provide a protective coating

Just like you wouldn’t dream of leaving your toolkit unprotected, your face needs protection on a daily basis. With constant exposure to the elements, a tradie’s face cops an absolute beating compared to those office-dwelling counterparts. Wear a high SPF sunscreen and use a facial moisturiser morning and night to give yourself a fighting chance in the face department. And don’t forget to moisturise your mitts while you’re at it: calluses are a killer in the bedroom.

Do you treat your car better than you treat your face? You might want to change that, handsome.