Handsome men at work: the professional’s grooming guide

When it comes to workplace grooming, we expect a little more of our white-collar brethren. Those who call the office their home have to bring a bit of polish to proceedings each day. That starts with choosing a haircut that’s right for your face – and your role. Creative industry peeps can get away with longer manes, whereas those in the more traditional fields of law, finance, management and sales will want to maintain a look that’s as sharp as your pencil. Facial hair comes into play, too, with clean shaven or a neatly trimmed beard the safe zones for the C-suite.


To bring your A-game to the office each day, follow the professional’s grooming guide for handsome men at work.


Be a smooth operator

If you spend your days behind a desk, you have a little less flexibility in the follicle stakes than your mates plying their trade outdoors. For starters, you’ll be expected to put your best face forward every day. The default facial hair setting for professionals is clean shaven, but recent years have seen a resurgence in the beard. To make it office-appropriate, keep it trimmed to an even length and be sure to tidy up around the cheek and neck lines with a clean blade and hydrating shave gel every other day.  


Keep it clean

A bit of sweat and grit is part and parcel for the tradie life, but your desk mates aren’t going to be quite so accommodating, office boy. Keep it clean from top to toe by washing with a zesty body wash and fresh-smelling 2 in 1 shampoo. Pack extra bottles in your gym bag too, for that lunchtime workout. 


Smell of success

Speaking of smell, seal the deal with a manly fragrance that hits the right note between masculine and refreshing. Add a quick spritz before you walk out the door each morning for a subtle scent that won’t overpower your fellow commuters, but will get the nod of approval from Lani in marketing.