From dive bars to fine diners, when it comes to working in hospitality there are some cardinal grooming rules that apply to all, no matter the price point or style of venue. While there is plenty of leeway when it comes to hairstyles and facial hair in more causal establishments, across the board cleanliness is key.

So, whether you’re pulling espressos at your local café or serving pricey degustations at the top end of town, our hospitality grooming guide is here to ensure you’re bringing the right level of polish to the table.


1.Hands up

There’s no faster way to turn a diner off their dinner than fronting up to the table with grubby hands. Keep those mitts in top form with a hydrating hand wash, paying special attention to any coffee granules or other grime that may have accumulated under the nails. And if you’re running a hospitality venture, why not up the ante by stocking the guest bathrooms with some seriously good-looking products (hint, hint).


2. Mane event

Within seconds of sitting down, guests are likely to clock your whole look, and while a slightly greasy top knot may cut the mustard in a bar at 3am, in restaurants and cafes your hair should be as polished as the service you provide. Not only that, but when you’re surrounded by food and booze all day, your hair can start to soak up those fragrances, making for one whiffy mane. Wash your hair every second day with a 2 in 1 shampoo that conditions as it cleanses. And while you’re at it, give that beard of yours a decent scrub every couple of days, and keep the cheeks in check with a sharp blade and a soothing shave gel.


3.  Odour, oh dear

When your customer is sniffing a $40 glass of Burgundy, they want to be picking up notes of black cherries and mushrooms, not a whiff of what you had for staff meal yesterday. It goes without saying that you have to come to work as clean as a whistle, using a body wash that slays any odours and cuts through the grease and grime that’s part and parcel of working in hospo.