Handsome at any age: skincare tips for men in their 60s

When we were young, 60 was old – like, ‘put ‘em out to pasture, they’re done’ old. But times have changed, handsome man, and these days many men in their 60s and beyond have just as much swagger as fellas in their thirties.

From Pierce Brosnan’s debonair good looks to the faultless face (and physique) of Denzel Washington, 60 has never been sexier. With these simple skincare tips for men in their sixties, find out how you can put the sexy into sexagenarian.

Go on an acid trip

If you’ve hit your sixties, then chances are you remember the Sixties. This time, though, the acid trip we’re prescribing is the use of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the skin that keeps it refreshed and encourages cell renewal. As we age, our skin loses moisture and collagen, leading to those not-so-fine lines and wrinkles. By adding hyaluronic acid to you daily skincare routine in the form of our facial wash, you’ll restore the skin’s natural moisture, erasing wrinkles and plumping up your complexion.

Take your vitamins

A balanced diet is one of the surest ways to maintain good health, inside and out, but for an added boost to your distinguished exterior, choose men’s skincare products that are loaded with natural anti-ageing ingredients. Jam-packed with vitamin E, avocado, sesame and shea butter, our facial moisturiser nourishes the skin, from the outside in. 

Make friends with peppermint

By the time we hit the big 6-0, the fortunes of our follicles are clear for all to see. Whether you’re sporting a sultry salt-and-pepper mane a la Jeff Bridges, hanging on for dear life like Michael Keaton, or have embraced the bald pate like Bruce Willis, take care of your scalp and hair with Mother Nature’s powerhouse: peppermint. It’s been proven to improve circulation to the scalp, reducing hair loss. And that’s why we’ve pumped our 2 in 1 Shampoo full of organic peppermint.

Nestle up with nettle

The other natural wonder in the war against hair loss is nettle. Stinging nettle is one of the oldest treatments for combatting hair loss, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, its ability to fight free radicals, and its knack for blocking DHT, a hormone that is thought to be a strong factor in hair loss and male pattern baldness. Massage our nettle-rich 2 in 1 Shampoo into your scalp for the best results.


Image: via @piercebrosnanofficial