Gym bag essentials for handsome men

Any member of the Handsome Men’s Club will tell you: it takes a lot of maintenance to be a handsome man. We’re talking impeccable dress sense, shoes shiny enough to see your reflection, and a hairstyle that flatters that manly mug of yours.

Most importantly, however, is some serious dedication to your rig. That’s right, there’s no room for dad bods in the Handsome World, which is why the most handsome of men can be found sweating it out at the gym each week.

Whether you prefer to punish yourself at F45, clock up a few kilometres on the treadmill, paddle in the pool, or get your ‘Om’ on at a yoga class, the one rule of Handsome Man exercise is this: what happens in the gym, stays in the gym.

So, you’re going to need some hardworking products in your gym bag to ensure all the blood, sweat or tears don’t follow you around for the rest of the day. These four tried-and-tested Handsome products will take you from the bathroom to the bar in no time.

Double or nothing

If you’ve only got an hour for lunch, you don’t want to waste precious time in the shower. Double down on your haircare by using Handsome 2 in 1 Shampoo. Made with fresh-smelling peppermint and nettle, this handy shampoo conditions as it cleans, for soft, silky hair in a flash.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Handsome Man Aaron had to say: “Bought the Handsome 2 in 1 Shampoo with no regrets, the best shampoo I have ever owned. I’m constantly in chlorine and a small amount of this product is repairing and keeping my hair looking great.”

Body work

We get it. You’ve just pushed yourself to your limit on the kettle bells, but with that 3pm meeting fast approaching, you need to slip back into work mode, pronto. Lather up with Handsome Body Wash for a full-body clean that leaves an invigorating citrus scent.  

About face

What good is a rock-hard bod if your face looks like a flat tyre? Handsome Face Wash not only removes excess grime and unclogs pores, it also delivers a dose of hyaluronic acid (sounds nasty, but trust us, it’s an anti-ageing powerhouse) for smoother, sexier skin.

Summer scent

The final must-have in your gym bag is a bottle of Handsome #1 Fragrance. Fresh, woody and aromatic, this masculine scent will turn heads for all the right reasons. Handsome Man Andy is a big fan, saying: “It’s the perfect summer fragrance, I can’t believe how good it smells. It’s light, subtle and refreshing.”

Ladies, if you want to send a not-so-subtle message to your man that it’s time to get his own beauty products, give him the gift of Handsome this Christmas.