Gym bag essentials

With his dedication to health and fitness, Handsome ambassador Tim Robards may be the embodiment of a clean lifestyle, but even he can get a little grubby from time to time.

Whether it’s putting in a weights session at the gym, sweating it out in a yoga class, or running laps around Sydney, Tim’s hard work means he needs a body wash that’s hardworking, too.

It’s a good thing that we’ve got him covered with Handsome Body Wash. Made with natural and organic Australian ingredients, our best-selling body wash is a gym bag essential for Tim. Made with a uniquely Australian blend of organic lime, banksia and bergamot, Handsome Body Wash delivers an invigorating, refreshing clean that awakens the senses and softens the skin as it cleanses away sweat, dirt and daily grime. 

For that handsome face of Tim’s, we suggest something a little gentler, like our Handsome Facial Wash? Made from organic ylang ylang, orange and bergamot, and packed with anti-ageing hyaluronic acid and hydrating vitamin E, this zesty little number ensures he always puts his best face forward.

This dynamic duo is available in a Shower Pack for just $29.95, a small price to pay for looking and smelling this good.

For more on living a handsome life, check out Tim’s top grooming tips, or discover the smell of success with our #1 Fragrance. And don’t forget to join the Handsome Men’s Club for discounts and exclusive offers on our range of natural and organic skincare products for men.