From braces and ‘pizza face’ to the epitome of handsome

When you scroll through Tim Robards Instagram feed, it’s hard to imagine that the chiselled gent smiling back at the camera ever struggled with his looks. And yet, as Tim revealed recently, it wasn’t all smooth sailing ­– or smooth skin – for our Handsome ambassador.

Just as we’re always happy to see Tim strip off a few layers for the camera, it was refreshing to see him strip back the polished exterior of his social media persona to share a personal journey with his Instagram followers.


Tim said in the post:

 “I grew up in a footy worshipping coal mining town where blokes were ‘blokes’. However, truth be told there was a period where I struggled with problem skin when I was a teen. My mum trying her best took me from GPs to beauticians and I had the works from medications to gadgets zapping my face. All the time trying to hide it all from my mates. It was a strong period of growth trying to find confidence as a 16 year old with braces and a pizza face. 

I had been looking at my body as malfunctioning and I was looking for a ‘cure’... The answer came down to what I was both putting IN my body and ON my body and shaped the way I look at health today. 

That’s why I’m stoked to be part of 
@handsomeskincare where we use natural and organic ingredients to assist the body to thrive and do what it does best.”

What goes in your body…

In the post comments, Tim goes on to explain that for him, what works best is avoiding inflammatory foods and maintaining healthy gut flora. In short, Tim’s advice is to stick to one coffee per day, sweat it out most days, and limit your bread intake to a couple of times per week. If you’d like a clean slate, discover the Handsome man’s guide to detoxing.

Is just as important as what goes on your body

As Tim says, what goes IN his body is as important as what goes ON his body, which is why we developed the Handsome Men’s Skincare range using the finest organic and natural Australian ingredients. Discover 8 feel-good foods found in Handsome Skincare that sound good enough to eat.