Hey handsome man, are you guilty of lavishing more attention on your vehicle or home than you do on yourself. You’re not alone. But if you’re the kind of guy who wouldn’t dream of leaving your car parked in the street, unprotected, for the duration of winter, then isn’t it high time you started treating your face with the same respect? After all, you’ll upgrade that car of yours someday soon, but your face is with you for life.

According to Geoff Quattromani of men’s lifestyle hub EFTM, “Moisturising and cleaning your face with “product” might sound like something only the ladies are doing,” but self-care doesn’t have to be the domain of our female friends. 

“With winter setting in now also we are all much more likely to get drier skin and blemishes which let’s be honest are not attractive,” says Geoff. “If we’re bothered by a stain on the wall or paint peeling then why wouldn’t we care about the same issues on our faces? I think we’re all convinced, but what are my options?”

Geoff then takes two men’s skincare product lines out for a spin, and here’s what he had to say about Handsome:



“Without even talking about the contents, the product packaging and bottles are just sexy, they will look good in any bathroom. The anti-aging, organic creams are all going to work damn hard to make you handsome by name. The facial wash was a good one to use and really did make a big difference in how our faces felt and the shaving gel made a great alternative to the usual shaving cream we lather on. We also tested a cologne but if we’re honest, didn’t meet the approval of the missus, tastes may vary!” says Geoff.

“The products from Handsome are a little more expensive but they may be the extra bit that you really needed. We’re loving this one,” Geoff concludes.

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