Be hirsute and handsome with our guide to facial hair

Now that you’ve nutted out the most handsome hairstyle to suit the shape of your face, it’s time to lock down the answer to that other hairy question: should you grow a beard, keep things clean, or let your facial hair fall somewhere in the middle?

Discover how you can be hirsute and handsome with our handy guide to facial hair.


When your noggin is as long as it is wide, and you want to create the illusion of length, a beard becomes man’s best friend – keep it long and lustrous at the chin but shorter on the sides to draw the eye down. For a more tailored approach, try a goatee or the Balbo beard, which does away with sideburns and features a floating mo. And be sure to invest in a good-quality shave gel for the most handsome results.

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Robert Downey Jr




The most manly of men, rectangular-headed gents can accentuate their strong cheekbones and jawline with a close-trimmed beard. Or, if you’d like to soften those sharp edges, opt for a fuller beard that’s kept short on the bottom and bushier on the sides.

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Joe Manganiello




There are no flies on you, are there Mr Handsome? The most symmetrical of all face shapes, ovals can get away with any form of facial hair they damn well please. To add a sense of devil-may-care brashness to those debonair good looks, try a close-trimmed beard or manicured goatee.   

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Idris Elba




Just like your square-headed friends, round-faced men can conjure some length and definition by embracing facial hair. Go full lumberjack with chest-grazing locks; stay on the right side of HR with a tidy ‘corporate beard’ that features trimmed cheeks and neck; or add maturity to your boyish good looks with some rough-and-ready stubble.

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Zac Efron




Diamond-shaped faces have prominent cheekbones and angles that could cut through butter. To take the sting out of those sharp lines, step away from the razor and run with a permanent five o’clock shadow.

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Jamie Dornan




If you wear your heart on your face – that is, a fuller forehead leading to a pointy chin – then take a leaf out of fine-featured Jared Leto’s book by adding weight and definition with a scruffy, full beard.   

Handsome Men’s Club inspiration: Jared Leto


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