No matter where you are in Australia, summer is always going to be harsh on your skin. And we can’t blame you if all you want to do in summer, is enjoy the sunshine. Which is why we’ve collated 7 skincare tips to ensure you stay at your handsomest during those glorious summer months. So you can spend more time outside, and less time picking up the pieces later.

1. Daily Face and Body Wash –
Guys, that bar of soap you’ve been using to wash your entire body, face and all, seriously won’t cut it anymore. In the summer months, our pores become clogged from the heat, sweat and daily activity. With a good quality daily face and body wash, you’ll Handsomify your skin by removing a build up of sweat and bacteria. Leaving your face and body clean, and ready for whatever the summer months throw your way.

Handsome Facial Wash
Handsome Body Wash

2. Moisturiser –
Now that your skin is nice and clean, it’s time to moisturise. Yes, moisturise! Moisturising is absolutely essential in summer to protect your face from the drying out, and to prevent your face from overproducing its own oils – no one likes a shiny nose and forehead. Moisturise after a shower and feel fresh as a baby, or just before bed – up to you, you can never over-moisturise!

Handsome Facial Moisturiser

3. Exfoliate –
Exfoliating your face and body one-to-three times a week helps your skin get a much deeper clean, freeing your skin of tough pore-clogging residue and dead skin cells. Exfoliating can also help those with stubborn hair follicles, so you can achieve a closer and smoother shave.

DIY recipe:
1 tbsp of ground coffee
1 tbsp of water or olive oil
Mix together till combined as a thick paste. Rub in circular motion all over body and face.

We like to use coffee as it has anti-inflammatory properties, offers temporary reduction of cellulite, improves circulation, reduces eye puffiness, and smooths skin – giving you perfect, handsome skin.

4. Protect your hands –
Where would we be without our hands! What an interesting thought. Regular hand soaps can dry out our hands leaving them vulnerable to the summer climate and activities. One way to give back to your hands is by using a hand wash which is made up of ingredients that moisturise and nourish your hand skin, leaving you with irresistible soft hands, a necessity for handsome men.

Handsome Hand Wash

5. Don’t over shave –
Beards are back, and what’s best, shaving less allows your facial skin to repair and heal after every shave. Beards even protect your skin from the suns harsh UV rays. Beards, what can’t they do? Now, your facial skin is very sensitive, so remember to only use the best, most nourishing ingredients when shaving.

Handsome Shave Gel

6. Smell divine –
There’s nothing better than a handsome smelling man. And you’ll have to trust us on this one, #1 by Handsome is a masculine smell that emanates an irresistible scent. Perfect for being out-and- about in the summer months.

Handsome #1 Fragrance

And whatever you do, always remember to slather on the sunscreen. Protect those Handsome faces of yours!