5 Life Hacks Every Guy Needs to Know

Being a man in this day and age can be challenging – struggling with relationships, trying to make ends meet, working all day long and feeling constantly stressed out isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun life, is it? However, if you invest some time and effort into it, your day doesn’t have to be necessarily awful and you can make it much better with just a couple of tricks. Here are five life hacks every 21st-century man needs to learn today!

Take care of your skin

Although skin care isn’t high on everyone’s list of priorities, it should be as making sure your skin is moisturized is one of the best ways to ensure your entire body is healthy and ready to face all challenges. Therefore, find a great barber who’ll not only give you a professional shave once a week, but also teach you how to moisturize your skin every other day. Using things like a proper facial moisturiser, suitable fragrance and an amazing shave gel might not be your cup of tea at the beginning, but it will prove to be super beneficial for your skin in the long run.

Get fit, stay fit

Losing weight is one of the hardest things in the world, but staying on the right track is even harder. Nevertheless, if you wish to stay alive in the decades to come and be able to play with your grandchildren, lose some weight as soon as possible. Joining the gym, switching to healthier food, drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep are key steps towards a leaner body, and once you achieve the looks you’ve always wanted, all you need to do is maintain it. That means cutting back on alcohol and partying hard night after night, as well as banishing all dangerous junk food from your life because even a single bite can be harmful.

Be a gentleman

Most people think that chivalry no longer exists, but you need to prove them wrong and act like a true gentleman around your significant other. If you want to seduce a potential partner or just be a great boyfriend/husband, you need to pay attention to their needs, listen to their ideas and fulfill their wishes. The same goes when you’re having a night out – reserve a table at a nice restaurant, open the door for them, help them get seated and call the waiter. Also, learn how to pick the right wine: asking for the most expensive bottle is quite all right, but real experts opt for a bottle of quality preservative free wine that’s better than other wines and will show how classy you really are.

Be a better man

Trying to excel in everything you do and working on yourself is an imperative, and if you wish to be perceived as a better person, you need to think about this as well. Naturally, being satisfied with what you have isn’t necessarily wrong, but at least try to achieve something more. Introducing a positive daily ritual is something that might assist you in this process – waking up earlier, not drinking coffee before lunch, quitting cigarettes or hitting the gym after work are just some of the things that will surely do you good. Also, try harder at work and strive towards excellence, but don’t forget private life as well because emotions and mood strongly affect your behavior and the way people perceive you.

Find a new hobby

Doing something for yourself and finding time to relax after a hard day at the office is the only sustainable way to preserve your mental health. That’s the reason why you should find a new hobby that will suit you and give you all the physical and mental activity you need. And while finding such a hobby can be hard sometimes, there are lots of great things you can do even if you’ve never had a hobby before – painting, rock-climbing, reading and taking photos will certainly help you relax and regain your inner peace.

Other hacks

Some of the other life hacks all modern guys need to know include things like finding the right suit, preparing a nice home-cooked meal, throwing someone an amazing party and learning how to clean your own home without anybody’s help.

Story by Peter Minkoff – Twitter @MinkoffPeter