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A handsome man does his best in his business and personal life. Some manage to separate the two but in reality they can’t be, how you operate on a moral and ethical basis covers all ground.

I’m on a constant quest for knowledge and subscribe to the “A Learning A Day” Newsletter Every single day without fail Rohan sends through his words of wisdom, this one caught my attention:

Business decisions tend to be very personal. The “it’s not personal, it’s just business” adage is largely baloney. It is personal and anyone who tells you otherwise is generally lying.

There is, however, strong reason for you to not take things personally.

Decisions are not a result of objective truth simply because there is no objective truth when people are involved. And, more importantly, decisions are functions of the specific situation. Situations, in turn, are functions of the context, the motives and character of all the actors. In a decision that involves you, you are just one actor out of the many that might be involved. You don’t control their motives and character and definitely don’t control the context. So, taking it personally is just a recipe to ensuring you feel hurt whenever a decision that involves you does’t go your way.

So, any business decision that involves you is personal. There’s no getting away from that.

But, for your sanity, don’t take them personally. Reflect on what you were meant to learn from the situation and move onto the next thing.

Those who say “It’s not personal, it’s just business” are lying. All business is personal and the best business is very personal.” – Rick Lenz