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About Handsome

Sometimes, all it takes is a glimmer of understanding between kindred spirits to ignite a lifelong passion.

For Matt Gillman and Mark Tucker, it happened almost instantaneously.

Driven and passionate Matt and Mark have lived their lives in pursuit of their dreams. Every day has been about ticking off one goal from a list that seems endless.

Individually, they are already accomplished in their own right. Matt, with his creative pursuits in mind, cultivated a hefty and colorful resume. His background is in advertising, and at a young age has founded a digital agency that he ran for almost 15 years whilst moonlighting as a guitarist in a band. The band were signed by Ministry of Sound and toured internationally with a few songs picked up and used on American T.V on shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Mark, on the other hand, always had a mind for business. He has developed a memorable career working for large companies, and eventually built up the Australian business of a Paris-based global beauty company.

It didn’t take long for Matt and Mark to recognise a kindred spirit in the other. Soon, a lengthy discussion about their goals and dreams turned into a conversation about beauty and their own personal care routines. Learning about their favourite products made them both enthusiastic for their shared interests, but disappointed at the scarcity of products available. Products that are perfectly suited for men are difficult to find, which turns developing a personal care routine into an alienating experience.

Fast forward, and here they are with HANDSOME – a range of men’s quality skincare products, which contain handpicked organic ingredients that align well with men and their needs.

Matt’s creativity was reflected in the branding, simple, classic. Mark’s business savvy was put to good use in terms of sourcing the best organic ingredients and enhancing the products’ performance value.

HANDSOME  is not just solely focused on the man’s exterior; it upholds gentlemanly values such as honesty, simplicity, intelligence, and kindness.

When you take care of yourself, it is reflected onto your physical appearance and wellbeing. Your renewed sense of self and confidence project happiness and a peaceful state of mind onto other people, and it makes the world a little bit nicer.

HANDSOME is now available in Australia and the USA.

Their mission is simple: “Make the World More Handsome”